The Fish Gutter is the Prince's first weapon for the first part of The Two Thrones.

This is a weak and simple weapon found by the Prince shortly after he lands in Babylon. Even though this is a weak weapon it can still Speed Kill like the Dagger of Time.

The Prince acquirers the Fish Gutter when trying to free Kaileenia from the Viziers henchmen. His comment "Why is it that every time distaster strikes, I find myself without a proper blade?" is a comical referrence to the previous games where he continually loses his sword somehow and has to find a new weapon to use. The Prince loses this weapon when he recklessly charged towards the Vizier in a fruitless attempt to save Kaileena. When the Daggertail caught the Prince's arm and slammed him into a stone wall, the Fish Gutter went flying in a random direction.