The Medallion of Time is an Artifact of Time, and can help prevent the owner from turning into a Sand Monster when the Sands of Time are released.


  • Recall - the power of reversing a short period of time
  • Eye of the Storm - the power that allows the carrier of the medallion to move faster by slowing down his perception of time
  • Ravages of Time - the power that allows the carrier to attack much faster than normal
  • Breath of Fate - a sand power that causes an explosion to damage and knock down all normal enemies within the blast
  • Wind of Fate - a sand power like Breath of Fate, except it causes more damage, uses twice as many Sands of Time, and has a longer delay of use
  • Cyclone of Fate - the most powerful sand power, has the highest damage level, uses three times as many sands of time as Breath of Fate, and has the longest delay

The Medallion also has the ability to make the carrier more resistant to damage (by expanding the in-game health meter) but it must be first put in one of nine life upgrades located on the Island of Time. It can sometimes make new sand tanks (out of six maximum slots) when using new time portals.