The Menacing Ball (威鞠, Imari) is the ability a tailed beast can create when gathering raw chakra either from their bodies or the air around them into a single compressed sphere. This sphere of chakra can either be consumed, where the explosion is fired from the mouth, or fired directly. The power of the attack is relative to the power of the user. The tailed beasts' jinchūriki can use this ability through their tailed forms.


  • Eight-Tailed Ox Menacing Ball
  • Nine-Tailed Fox Menacing Ball
  • One-Tailed Shukaku Menacing Ball
  • Three-Tailed Turtle Menacing Water Ball
  • Two-Tailed Cat Menacing Fire Ball


  • The Two-Tails and the Three-Tails (in the anime) performed elemental versions of the Menacing Ball.[1][2]
  • Unlike the other tailed beasts' Menacing Balls, Shukaku uses Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet, a jutsu of compressed air mixed with chakra from its gut instead of drawing together raw chakra, though in Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, it gains a genuine Menacing Ball.