400px-Scorpion Sword

The Scorpion Sword

The Scorpion Sword is the Prince's sixth main weapon in Warrior Within. With it, the Prince can shatter cracked walls, allowing him to acess secret areas throughout the island.

The Prince gains this sword after the Lion Sword is broken. The Prince fights with the Scorpion Sword all the time he is the Sandwraith, unless all life upgrades are unlocked before the Prince's second last foray into the Throne Room, where, in that case, the Water Sword will be awaiting him, before he becomes the Sandwraith. In the Prince's first attempt to take the Scorpion Sword, in the present, the Dahaka appears, knocking the blade off a ledge and out of reach and proceeds to chase the Prince into a portal. The Prince then goes to the past and recovers the sword after which a small army of Keepers arrive, followed by the Thrall.