The Staff of Time is one of the relics of the Sands of Time. It was used by the Vizier , giving him the ability to use magical abilities as well as remain uncorrupted by the Sands of Time.

Sands of Time The Staff of Time prevents the corruption of the Vizier by the Sands of Time, when the Prince released them. The Vizier uses the staff in the Tower of Dawn, to creat a strong wind which interrupts the Prince and Farah. When the Prince performed the Grand Rewind and travelled to India, the Vizier uses the staff as a weapon, attempting to kill the Prince with it.Edit

Warrior Within In the present, it was still in the Maharaja's vault and in the past, on the island, or it was not created. It had no appearance in this game.Edit

The Two Thrones The Vizier holds the staff while stabbing Kaileena and it keeps holding it until he stab himself, before the tranformation he seems to drop it in the floor. After the Vizier's transformation into Zurvan, its whereabouts were unknown. The newly transformed Vizier had no use for it anymore having the god like powers bestowed upon him by the corruption of the sands.Edit