In the 2008 Prince of Persia game, the Prince makes use of his Gauntlet and Long Sword. The Prince uses the Gauntlet for multiple purposes. In combat, he uses it to throw enemies into the air, break certain shrouds around enemies, and chain together combos for more damaging attacks. The Gauntlet is also used to gripfall by digging the claws into the wall to slow the prince's descent, as well as helping in wall running. The sword can be used in combat and in a few minor tasks. With the sword, the Prince can unleash devastating combos in combination with his Gauntlet and with Elika's magic.

Gauntlet's OriginEdit

When the Prince is asked by Elika where he acquired the Gauntlet, he simply replies that he found it. Other conversation between the two show that the Prince is a tomb raider, suggesting he found it while raiding.