To save the Princess from Rugnor, the Prince had to use a variety of weapons.

Hand Weapons[[]]Edit


The Prince took the sword from a guard he killed in Assan's prison. It is his weapon of choice, and the 1st one you get. It has medium damage, speed, and range.

Dual BladesEdit

These are a pair of deadly assassin's blades found by the Prince in Assan's palace. They have high speed, medium damage, and low range.


The staff is found on the lower dirigible part 2, when you lose your other weapons. It has high damage, high range, and low speed.

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Bow & ArrowsEdit

The Prince took the bow from a guard in Assan's Ivory Tower. During his quest, he found arrows with different powers to load his bow with. They include;

Standard ArrowEdit

Not flashy or powerful, but it's more plentiful than the specialty arrows. Each hit on an enemy will drain one life bottle.

Call of the Swarm ArrowEdit

Shooting this arrow will release a swarm of wasps upon the nearest person. If that's you then watch out. Arrow itself hits for one life bottle, but the wasps can hit the enemy for up to three more. Very useful.

Atar's Fiery Messenger (aka Fire Arrow)Edit

An arrow encased in a blue flame. Does two life bottles damage, and has a special use later on in the game.

Arrow of Freeze (aka Ice Arrow)Edit

This arrow freezes your enemy in his tracks, putting him out of the fight until the spring thaw, and reputedly freezes any liquid it comes in contact with.

Snare of the Unwary Soul (aka Possession Arrow)Edit

This arrow, if it strikes an individual, will allow the shooter to possess the body of that individual. It has a special use at one point in the game.

Ahura's Fury (aka Explosion Arrow)Edit

This arrow creates a small explosion when it strikes.

Arrow of the Thief (aka Lifestealing Arrow)Edit

Particularly useful if you're low on health and there are no potions around. This arrow will not only decrease the enemy's health by one bottle, but it will increase the Prince's health by one bottle.

Arrow of Despair (aka Death Arrow)Edit

This arrow is quite simple. Shoot an enemy with it, and they die immediately.